a) Sandrini Alberto - Sole Trader (Licensor), hereinafter "Alberosa Software"
b) the user of the software (End User), hereinafter "Customer"

By clicking on the "Run" button, opening the downloaded software installation package, the Customer accepts the terms of this Agreement.
If the Customer does not wish to accept the terms of this Agreement, should click on the "Cancel" button and do not install the Software.

"Program" or "Software" means any software product granted license to the customer, without exclusivity, in accordance with these terms and conditions listed below.
"Customer" means the entity using the Program and underwriter of this contract.
"Alberosa Software" means Sandrini Alberto - Sole Trader - Via Sandro Botticelli, 2 - Roma - 00196, exclusive dealer of all proprietary rights to the Software.
"License Agreement" means the contract between Alberosa Software and Customer, which regulates the Licensing of the use of the software, following the acceptance of this contract.



If the Customer has downloaded the software for testing purposes, the use of the Software is limited to a specific period of time and all use will be governed by the terms set out below.
Grant of License. Alberosa Software grants to the Customer a time-limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Software solely to evaluate its suitability to the needs of the customer during the test period. The Customer may not use the Software to create packages distributed to the public or for any other commercial purpose.
This license will be canceled, without notice, upon the occurrence of the expiration of the test period.


Grant of License. After the purchase of programs Alberosa Software grants to the Customer a license with no time limit, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable to install and use the Software to the terms and conditions set out below.
Customer may install and use the software on two (2) computers for its needs.
If have purchased multiple licenses can use the software on different computers based on the number of licenses purchased.
Activation of the purchased software. The activation of each purchased program takes place in the manner described in the page Information under "Activation".
Software Updates. Alberosa Software may release new versions of software due to changes for improvement or correction of program errors.
The customer is required to keep the software up to date by downloading and installing the latest version in his PC on the recommendation of the same program.
Limits of the use of the Software. The Customer may not make the Software available to others in any service bureau or similar organization; distribute, sublicense, transfer or lend the software to third parties; disassemble, reverse engineer or modify the Software.
He can also back up and/or make a copy of the Software.
Alberosa Software retains all rights, title and interest in and to the Software (and all copies).
Property. This Agreement does not transfer to the Customer any ownership rights to the Software. All rights, title and interest in and to the Software and to any idea, specific industry knowledge and programs developed by Software Alberosa during the supply of technical services, including improvements or modifications to the Software, will always remain property of Alberosa Software.
The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Software is licensed, not sold.


The Software is provided "as is" without warranty or condition, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of quality, merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose, or those arising by law or statute or practice commercial, or by agreements between the parties.
The entire risk as to the results and performance of the Software are charged to the Customer.