Machiavelli   (Ver. 02.01.08)

A beautiful puzzle

Machiavelli is a relatively new card game: its appearance between table games can be placed
World War II, but has already passionate a great number of players.

Machiavelli, part of the Rummy's family, is a very addictive game, the rules are simple but it takes
special skills to be able to play.

The Rules in short

Machiavelli is played with two decks of French playing cards without the Jokers (104 cards),
distributing 13 cards to each player, but has also played with 5, 7 or 15.
Remaining cards, face down, make the Stock.
The game is characterized by the absence of discarding.

Machiavelli's purpose is to order own cards to form and meld onto the table combinations of games
then to get rid of all the remaining cards in order to close the round to compel the opponent to pay
penalty corresponding of the cards still in his possession.
These combinations, that must be composed at least of three cards, are of two type:
- Three or Four of a kind: three or four cards of the same value but of different suit.
- Sequence: three or more cards of the same suit placed in sequence.

The feature of this game is the ability to "work" that is, for each player at his turn, to change at
will the already formed combinations lying on the table so to form games with one or more cards
of their hand (an example by Wikipedia).
All new combinations must be valid, and players can not remove any cards already on the table.

Course of game:
- Each player can:
  - put on the table any new melds,
  - add cards onto melds already on the table,
  - "work" making changes to the combinations of cards already on the table with one or more
     cards of their hand.
  - draw a card from the Stock if they don't play any cards.
- The round ends when a player has melded all their cards.

Play Machiavelli against the computer

Visita il sito In order to realize this game I have used the images of the cards of the Company
Teodomiro Dal Negro S.p.A. that has authorized their reproduction.

With this version of Machiavelli you will be able to establish:

- to play with a game's level Medium or Expert,
- to play with one or two decks of cards,
- how many cards for any player ( 5, 7, 13 or 15),
- to play "at Points" or "at Rounds" establishing the score to get to in the game or the
  number of rounds to close to win the game, or to play a single round,
- the disposition of the cards, in your hand and in the melded games, increasing or decreasing.
- the arranging of the cards in your hand by value or by suit.
- to play with or without special effects (sounds, noises and other computer effects).
- the speed of the cards played by the computer (yours will be under your complete control).
- the background of the playing table and the style of the cards.

The computer will take care of saving interrupted games (even mid-play!) and to memorize
who all the players were, their scores and classification.

At this point, the game is in your hands and I can assure you the computer does not cheat!
though it does play rather well...

Download Machiavelli now and try the demo version which will allow you to try it out.
If you enjoy it, you can purchase it directly by the game.

Please, read carefully the page "Purchase information and prices".